Home Media & Surround Systems

Integrating TV's, electronics and speakers into a home brings the average consumer visions of ugly boxes and wires all over their family room.  Overcoming this objection has become one of the keys to our success.  Enjoy all the benefits of a home media system & surround sound without the clutter of speakers, equipment, and unsightly wires.  With solutions ranging from a simple flat panel installation to full surround sound integration, be confident that we can give you the entertainment experience you desire without affecting your decor.

    Custom Home Theaters

    Bring the exhilaration of the movies home!  Our dedicated theaters give you a cinematic experience that you never thought possible at home.  We customize our theaters to your goals, desires, functionality, and budget.  We offer all the latest technology and use only a proven product mix to achieve a functional, reliable, outstanding theater experience.  Then we put it into the palm of your hand with our custom programmed easy-to-use remote controls.  Push one or two buttons and you're completely immersed into your favorite movie, or rooting for your favorite sports team. 

    Here are a few examples of options we offer:

    • Any size flat panel or rear/front projection screens
    • Fixed or motorized screens
    • Flush mounted in-wall or in-ceiling speakers (paintable to match walls or ceilings)
    • Lighting control
    • Video game integration
    • iPod integration (external & in-wall docks)
    • Computer integration
    • Acoustical panels & decor
    • Theater seating in any color or style
    • Custom movie posters & accessories

    Whole House Audio/Video Distribution

    Entertain your friends and guests, or relax listening to you favorite music in any room of your home.  Take it a step further and don't miss a second of your favorite sports team, show or news by streaming the audio and video wherever you go.  If you want to enjoy the weather or spend a great deal of time outside, we can even bring audio and video outside for you to enjoy.  There is no need for equipment in every room.  We typically install your equipment in a closet, and use a control as simple and small as a light switch.  Some more advanced systems use keypads, keypads with 2-way feedback, and touch screens.  Some can even be controlled from your phone, computer, or a wireless touch pad!  Speakers are tucked away usually in a ceiling or wall, for you to hear and not see. 

    Lighting Control

    Lighting control is an overlooked technology that can provide safety, comfort and value to your home.  Our lighting control uses existing wiring that is already in your home!  When you can take control of your lights you would be surprised of the benefits:


    • Safe Entry - One push of a button when you come home and you never enter a dark home.
    • Paths of Light - Move from room to room without walking in the dark or turning on and off switches.
    • Midnight Snack or Trip to the Bathroom - Lights come on at low levels with a path when you wake up for that midnight snack or trip to the bathroom.
    • Monitor Your Lights - Control and monitor lights from your bedside or favorite chair.
    • Vacation - Enjoy your vacation without worrying about your home.  Timed predetermined lighting scenes will give your home a lived-in look while you are away.
    • Security - If there is an intruder or fire that trips your alarm system, all the lights come on full in the house, and the exterior lights flash to direct Police and Fire Department vehicles to your home.


    • Control - Turn on and off one light or groups of lights, and set the intensity to create different scenes.
    • Scenes - Set the mood for entertaining, dining, reading, movies, relaxing, etc. 
    • Convenience - Running out of the house?  Push "away" on your visor control in your car to turn off lights you want off, and turn on lights you want on while you are away.
    • Ambiance - Create the proper lighting throughout the house and accentuate your home.


    • Energy Savings - Dimming lights, and turning off unnecessary lights saves electricity.
    • Prolonged Bulb Life - Dimming just 15% can extend your bulb life 4 times.
    • Wiring - Our systems use your existing wiring.
    • Home Value - Add value to you home with this system, while saving energy and bulb life.

    Home Automation

    Control all of your audio, video, lighting, temperature, security cameras, intercom and doorbell entry from anywhere in your home.  Use our elegant in-wall touch screens, hand held touch screens, your computer or even a smart phone to control and monitor your whole house.  The possibilities are endless.

    • Virtually unlimited sources and rooms.
    • Interactively browse through your music and stream uncompressed audiophile quality sound throughout your home. 
    • Browse your music with artist, album, song, genre, and play lists, and also view album cover art.
    • Networked audio and video synchronization technology allows any and all rooms to be perfectly synchronized when playing the same source throughout the house. No lip sync on TVs, and no echo between rooms.
    • Control the temperature indoors, and check the temperature and humidity outdoors.
    • Keep an eye on the kids as they play in the yard.
    • Have your home light up for you as you arrive and create a pathway inside.